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Went for a trip out to Rella's this weekend. Had a great time camping with friends, helping out busted bikes, eating well and hauling ass on some gravel and muddy roads.

Rollin down toward Dayton, VA. I always love this view.

I don't love this view so much. Talked my way out of it

Ran into XC Rider in West Augusta so we set off for SpltLanesLikeMoses cabin

ToddZacker...what are friends for

Showing a lil' toe

Kicking it on the porch.

A little local flavor.

XC, I expect the return shot. Thanks!

We then retired to the fire where we hung out by the moonlight until 2 or 3

Forgive the ISO

In the morning before the sun rose, I awoke, packed and went out to get eggs with SplitsLanes

What a great time of day for a short ride up to the store.

A few shots from around the farm.

Anyone know what kind of bird makes these nests?

Grandma's Embroidery

Christmas Tree Chute

Looking out east off 250

West toward the Blue Grass Valley

Looking east toward Blue Grass

Crusing up the ridge toward the Laurel Fork, VA

What a beautiful road.

Which drops down into this sleepy valley

Eventually it puts you out on Buffalo Lake outside Bartow.

I've stopped here many times. Never disappoints. Someone needs to cut the grass though

Ran into Eddie Bolted outside Pickins who followed behind my dust cloud onto Hacker Valley Rd. This big logging truck came around a blind corner and sure gave me a pucker moment. I slowed to make sure Eddie was okay a bit later when safe.

They're building a new bridge from Hacker Valley Rd to Hwy 20

Year/Model ?

Logging Mill down in Hacker Valley.

My hero

Rella's bumper crop

Protected by:

Rella and Jeaneace (sp?)

Pnoman says "DRAW"

The tidewater crew Ya'll had a long ride home after a 2 hr burger wait but still mostly smiles least you ride Beemers

Hanging Rock off Replete Rd

Riding out of Hacker Valley, just before Holly River State Park, I notice nobody is behind me. I make a U-turn expecting the usual: Skippii broke down. Sure enough, XC is with him and they are inspecting his chain. He lost a master link clip and the plate. The tensions was all that was holding on the link. Not going to cut it! Unlike most of the Skippii roadised dilemmas, this one wasn't due to shoddy and creative craftsmanship (I don't care what you say ScottP!). He had a newish chain but I suspect the master link wasn't seated properly or some axial force pushed it off. Regardless, here we were. 4:10pm, an hour from Buckhannon on 20 with zero cell reception. I had XC stay with Skippii and I set off for cell reception to check if any moto shops in Buck. were open or had the part, and if any local ADVriders could lend a hand. I knew the worst case scenario was to return to skippii, tell him I was going to LF to get a link from of the the KLR dudes and return in the dark.

I took off at 80-90mph down Hwy 20 toward Buckhannon. I finally got service, pulled over and called the only open shop which closed at 5. They had the link but didn't offer to stay open past 5 on my account. Frustrated, I raced on and had to stop for gas at 190mi on my tank with fuel light almost on. While filling up, I had a thought...why not order it, pay and have them put it outside for me at 5:20 when I get there.

DING DING DING I ordered both the O-Ring and non O-Ring link in case he had a crap chain on there.

I quickly got stuck behind this parade.

Then passed it in a hearbeat. No time for this mess.


What does skippii love more than anything else in the world?


I turn around and get on Hwy 20 S when about 10 mi from Buckhannon I see a Harley and Ninja rolling up the road. I wave, we pull off and am told they scrounged some wire from the roadside and wired the master link on there enough to get them 30 mi up the road to me. Sheesh! Great work men. These two could probably teach the McGyver school.

Skippii bestows upon me the coveted RED CH sticker...originally to be sold ONLY to those who help Skippii when he breaks down. I had one on an old helmet which I sold so I was proud to get a new one. Nearly as happy as he was that his bike would make it home and he could be at work tomorrow.

A local inmate stopped by to make sure we were alright. He sat at our table at Rella's but I forgot his name (sorry! I may be young but my memory is sometimes crap)

The three of us rolled down to Elkins where we picked up brats and beers for LF then split ways with Skippii who headed for Clifton Forge.

It began raining just as we turned onto Glady Rd so we stopped for Denis to put on rain gear. The deer were insane! I almost hit 4 and saw at least 15-20.

We got to camp just as the sky grew dark, set up, used Bronco Billy Dave's grill (thanks Scotty, I don't remember his real name) and cooked up some grub. It was awesome and the chit chat was great as well.

In the morning Scott put on his happy face when he lifted the skirt on his girl.

Eddie prepared to head out back to PA contemplating slabbing it up 81 or taking a pretty route. All depends on how wet and miserable he is and the roads.

Someone left this in my tank bag XC? Thanks!?

Toight like Toiga

I always stop for a shot. This is my favorite valley in WV

Heading down 33, I came around a bend and saw some huge boulders fallen in the road. There was a bigger one to the right of this shot. I quickly stopped, snapped a pic and then moved them out of the road so no car or motorcycle would hit them. Crisis averted.

Went and visited Gimmeslack. He tossed this old banana in the woods but looks like a certain someone wanted to play fetch.

The Shen Valley was socked in with a 500 ft cloud ceiling.

I had lunch and watched the MotoGP at Kawikazi's place. Caught up, then set out for points unknown. I wound up on Cub Run Rd.

Heading to the far northern end of Cub Run put me into the fog bank. I was in the clouds and loving every minute of it.

I planned to ride past Catherine's Furnace and out by Shenandoah then up to Camp Roosevelt to camp.

Well shit.

ALL the way back down to East Point Rd and the southern entrance for Cub Run. Daylight is running out.
I made it to Luray in the dark then slept in the dugout of their baseball field. GO BULL DOGS

I woke at 5:00, slept until 5:30 then checked radar. OH CRAP! I was right on the edge of a huge storm moving on up. I quickly packed and set off cautiously up 33 in the dark looking for bambi. At the top of the ridge I stopped to inspect my rear tire which felt squishy. 15psi. hmmmmm I filled her up and rode toward work, home, and the big city.

Red sky in the morning, sailors warning.
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