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I have had a lot of practice, nothing helps, and I always get a ticket.
Around here, if they pull someone over, you get a ticket, they have camera's in the cars and the video is likely reviewed and they get in trouble if they pull someone over without a ticket.
They will give their own mother a ticket.

I had someone pull out in front of me, and to avoid crashing into the womans suv, I went around. Unmarked police behind me gave me a ticket, said yes, they pulled out right in front of you but you should have TRIED to stop.

I look like a dork, on an old little bike, easy to screw with.
Maybe the skull head guys get away with more as they might be more risky for police to stop.

My wife's cousin was a cop, and he said they were all jerks and crooks.

I have no respect, and they just want my money.
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