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Originally Posted by Andyvh1959 View Post
My protocol has always been to do what I can to make the officer at ease and in control. So what has worked for me when pulled over:

  • Pull over as soon as possible and as safely as possible, especially if you can get the officer out of traffic also. Any delay in pulling over starts the officer's attitude higher already
  • Park the bike with the engine off, sidestand down, and flashers on if the bike is equipped that way.
  • Helmet and gear on (gloves jacket, etc) and wait, hands folded atop the fuel tank in plain view, sitting on the bike until the officer is in position.
  • Respond to the officer's request, such as get off the bike, take your helmet off (mine is always a FF helmet), move away from the bike if requested.
  • Now, when the officer asks, "do you know why I pulled you over?", if I am clearly in the wrong (such as speeding 10+ over the limit) I will say so. Lying does not help here, but being vauge without being combative can help.
  • Some people say never incriminate yourself. But I have found that honesty does more to diffuse the issue.
  • When the officer asks for any paperwork, license, registration, insurance card, respond yes and explain where you need to get it from and keep everything in clear view.
  • At that point, it is up the issue at hand and the attitude of the officer. Stand away from the bike and wait. Do not figet, get on the cell phone, wander around or do anything with the bike.
But by being cordial, respectful, calming and putting the officer in control I have found the best results in just a warning, or a discussion or a reduced ticket. This worked really well the last time I was puled over for passing in a no passing zone and doing 52 in a 35 zone, right in front of the police chief of a very small town. I did get a fine for "display of power" but no points on my license.
This is the way to do it.
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