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My off road Tiger1050 exploits this past weekend made me poke around a bit on ADV looking to see what others have done to make their Tiger Roadie more dirt-worthy, I came across this thread:

I must admit that the Tiger roadie looks good in the dirt on those TKC-80s, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger on a set of those. (maybe JaxO will let me borrow his for a trial...) Shinko 705s are not available for the Tiger 1050. Pirelli Scorpion Trails are available in the necessary sizes (120/70 17 and 180/55 17), and they are probably only marginally better offroad than the Pilot Road 3 tires I'm riding on.

I should probably just take the KLR when the rides are mostly offroad, but damn I love that Tiger Roadie on the road, and it's a long ride on the road down to our favorite riding spots in WV.......
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