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Chris - I installed the CPR, PCV and Autotune. Set it for a 13.2 across the board and went for a ride. Came back and accepted all trims.

Should the target AFR at that point go to 0's? Mine did. The trims also went to 0, but I expected that.

Does the PCV still have the 13.2 tune in it? When I "get Map", it shows the AFR at 0.
Tahoeracer is the one to listen to on the AFR's for sure. Dude knows his stuff and has more metering devices in his bike that I thought you could mount!

As far as the AFR values I have no idea why those are zeroed (??) The trims will go to zero. That's normal. But the AFR values should always maintain the last value you put them at. That's one cool thing about the LCD is that you know FOR SURE what the bike is doing, not what it supposed to. That's a new one but I'm thinking you should reset them, save the file with all your notes and send it once more with the AFR values you want. (See tahoeracer's suggestions) Then check it again. Maybe you set them, sent the file and didn't save it? That's just a shot in the dark.

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