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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
This is looking out my driveway Southeast towards Browntown Valley. That house in the foreground was built about 5 years ago in the middle of my only view. At least its, for the most, part below the close ridge line. South Fork of the Shenandoah is about 900' behind and 100' below the house.

You can see the fog slithering over the ridge top. Dickey Ridge on the left, Hogback Mountain on the right. This pic doesn't do it justice.
I've been up there at night when this was occurring. In one area on the drive the road is cut into the side of a 45 slope that has been cleared of trees. You can ride under the fog rising up(and eventually over the ridge) the contour of the ridge and watch it rise as your riding under it. I need to try and get some video of that sometime. Its pretty cool!

I have no clue as to what the Orange light is on the side of the ridge. Its not the camera. I noticed it when I looked at the photo. Wasn't there before or after. Maybe its an alien underground portal! That reminds me, wheres my tin foil hat...
I'd like to see that fog rising while riding underneath! Maybe the orange light is a reflection of the low sun behind the camera off something on the ridge. I think I can see where you're looking from. Is there a pond back beyond that house?
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