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Originally Posted by renogeorge View Post
Classic symptoms of a failed head gasket are bubbles in the coolant with motor running and cap off. Sweet smell of coolant in exhaust. If pump is good, flow should be good looking through the filler. Got time to do a compression check before you tear it down? I am sure it happens, but I don't recall hearing of an LC8 head gasket failure. Did you get it super hot?

My '07 has 35k miles on it. Runs good, no oil used. I won't even be thinking about a rebuild for a long time.
If the cap is removed it's normal to have bubbles in there - as the coolant can boil -> introducing bubbles. So the only easy way to test a blown head gasket is the way CRW mentiones in the post above. BUT: You have to have the cap on the radiator and you have to be sure the cap isn't failing (if it is, it's almost the same as you didn't have a cap on the radiator, as the coolant will start boiling without the pressure valve - which would be the cap)
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