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Originally Posted by xuare View Post
Question for blaster, dorito, et. al... Are you guys planning another longer excursion next (2014) summer? I have two weeks to do something. Current plan is for a Trans Lab-ish run, but I was curious if other things may be in the works...

I apologise if I missed it. I seem to miss a lot that goes on these boards until the last second...
Dorito beat me to the punch but she put it better than I would have anyway. We have a lot of things we would like to do next year but I will be a bit leave limited and if we do the furlough thing again it will be $$$ limited as well. Your best bet is to stay tuned and honestly throw some stuff out that you want to do. I am quite sure someone else is thinking the same things you are and just needs someone to ride with. Trust me....plan it and they will come!
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