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Extremely well done, and I mean that in the broadest sense.

I am quite familiar with the dark monkey that hides and waits to jump on us.

It is difficult for them to get a fix on us if we KEEP MOVING.

The KLR an excellent choice for that.

I will shout out to Rick1013 at the same time here and say you are most profound in your newb-ness,

You have a couple great, priceless quotable-quotes I will be sharing with others.

I have to believe that every time you give your anxiety the finger and push out that envelope with a successful experience, your world just got wider and brighter.

Keep resisting the voices of doubt and fear. Be smart, but tell your anxiety to f*ck-off. You've got a wonderful life to live. It's been waiting for you.

Words well spoken!
Never do anything you would be uncomfortable explaining to the paramedics...
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