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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
Oh and an honest question. Why is BC so much higher is gas prices? I thought all of Canada what expensive but Alberta had reasonable prices.
1.47 a liter in BC ~ 5.50 a gallon
1.15 in Alberta ~ 4.25 a gallon.
Like California, BC has an additional environmental controls and taxes on fossil fuel consumption and related pollution. It also includes an additional harmonized sales tax. Alberta doesn't give a shit, they are about to burn up their future for the present gold.

Great report. Get to re-live some of my trip from last year. Looking forward to the rest of it.

Hint: Your gal is a trooper, do what ever you need to do to hold on to that. They are few and far between and there are few of us lucky enough to have such a partner.
“Most things don’t work out as expected, but what happens instead often turns out to be the good stuff.”.
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