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Originally Posted by QuasiMoto View Post
That's good news! I just Amazoned the new Nexus 7 -- it should be arriving tomorrow. Unfortunately the Otter Box won't work with it, so thinking I may just have to mount it "naked", or perhaps in a ziplock bag, on the RAM Tab-Lock bracket. Like you, I don't have time before the next trip to give it the waterproofing treatment. Especially interesting that you found it highly functional even without a sun shroud -- I may have time to fashion something before the trip, but sounds like not a deal breaker if I can't. Any other tips or insights you might have regarding your setup or learnings, post away!
A sunshade would have helped a lot, I did find myself having to cup the screen occasionally when the sun was behind me. My friend had a good idea of using my vacuum sealer to make a waterproof bag for it that was formed to the tablet. I didn't do that and rode through two days of rain without a problem. The tablet only got a few drops on it and only when I wasn't moving forward. The wind screen did a nice job of protecting it.

One thing I found really helpful was the very detailed acuterra topo maps that i could easily scroll around on. I was in several situations where I wasn't sure if I should continue on certain "roads" with the big GS Adventure fully loaded. It was nice to be able to see the contours it followed to determine if it was straight downhill or at least somewhat flat. Those maps also very clearly define who owns what land - BLM/USFS/State/Private/etc. It was very easy to know when I could pull off to camp somewhere.

If I were to have one complaint it would actually be the ram mount. The vibration movesthe mount no matter how tight I had it. Not a lot but it made the tablet slightly crooked after a couple hundred miles. I think I am going to still use the tab lock as that worked great but maching my own bracket that doesn't use the ram mount ball mounting system.
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