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I just work here.
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Nice! I can't believe all the WR250R's that are popping up for sale in the area now that I have mine. I drove all the way to New York to buy mine.

Edit: Thinking about ordering a new rear tire before the Shenandoah 500 as the D605 I have likes to slide out from under me, and I would like to run a nice pace. I'm thinking about just putting a Shinko 244 on since it's cheap and I have a 244 on the front right now that seems to do pretty well thanks to Jeremy. It has about 3500 miles on it probably but still has plenty of life left. Any reason I shouldn't go with a 244? I'm mainly looking for what's going to be good off-road, but do want to be able to tear up back roads still as well. Off-road abilities are priority though.

Also, anyone know the cheapest place to get a GPS? I probably won't be able to buy one for a while, but it sure would be nice to log the Shenandoah trip in to something so I can see how many miles I cover that weekend.
I've got a set of 244's on my DRZ and they do great for all my WV rides (gravel/dirt/roads). For the price, I don't know how you can beat them. Hook up great offroad, and barely feel like knobbies in the twisties. Just air up or down depending on what you'll be riding.
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