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Thanks guys for the info.

I'm really hoping that the Triumph dealer in Manassas is an improvement over what's currently out there. If CT is the closest decent place to get a Triumph serviced, I'm not buying one

The one time I went to Triumph Manassas, there were quite a few customers that Saturday and all but one of the bikes I was looking at had been spoken for. They said they were moving to a larger location down the street. They're right next to a VRE station, so that would be very convenient for me. I'll probably wait a bit to see what their service rep is like before I take the plunge.

Right now, the guy who works on my bike is about 2 miles from where I live so I'm spoiled. He said a bike's a bike, he can work on Triumphs, but he specializes in BMWs. Maybe he's right but, yeah, with all the computer shit these bikes have nowadays, I'm a little worried that he might not have the right equipment to service it. Are there no Triumph indies in the area?

Personally, basic stuff I wouldn't mind taking a stab at, but for more complicated work, I'd rather have someone nearby that knows what he's doing (and who won't rip me off) handling my bike.

Thanks again!
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