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Day #9 & 10 continued.....

So we're cruising along the canyon seeing a bunch of different cool stuff. To say that the Grand Canyon is massive is an understatement.

NO picture will ever come close to reflecting what we were seeing. Just think that for every pic you see there is a 360 degree view of the same stuff.

It definitely makes you feel insignificant and you realize how petty we are with the stupid material possessions, homes, cars etc. that we prize so much in today's society.. We're just a blip on this planets history and we're very narcissistic thinking anything we do will have any real influence on the Earth. Makes you realize that every day is a blessing and just enjoy life for what it is. A short ride so enjoy every second you have with those you love!

Anyway!! It was a mind blowing experience. Every turn was like Christmas with new/awesome stuff to see. Condors cruising, Big Horn Sheep on the cliffs, Indian artifacts etc... Something I would suggest for any family especially those with kids over 10 years old. Something they'll never forget and you'll have fun too (unlike disneyland).

Off the soapbox and on with the pictures!

I think this is called the anaconda section. We hiked up the cliffs for about 45 minutes to get to this spot where a couple grain stash holes were up high to protect the food from river floods. Guess it didn't take too many times of your food being washed down the river for the old settlers to figure out they needed to stash food up high.

Before the dams were installed flash flooding could make the river rise 20-50+ feet in minutes. You'd see caverns where tree trunks would be wedged 50-100 feet up in the air from previous flash floods. The dams have stopped that and now it's all one continuous flow that rises small degrees whenever the dam does a "flush".

Pretty cool view from up there... If you look closely you can see our 40+ foot boats waaay down there. Just to the left of my left thigh.

With mama.... (sssshhhh... She's standing on a rock to look taller)

Further along we came across this HUGE CAVE that was created from swirling water eroding out the rocks during floods. This cave was ENORMOUS.

The boats you see in the pic are 40-43 feet long. Give you some idea of the size.

Along the way they took us to this big red cavern that was formed from a waterfall eroding out this basin for decades...


to be continued.....

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