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GC continued....

So for the 1st 2 days it was rapids and awesome views with cool side hiking trips to check out stuff along the way.

I have to say that Canyoneers does it right. The 1st night we camped we had prime rib, garlic roasted potatoes, veggies, salad and cheesecake for desert. On the 2nd night we had halibut, veggies, rice, salad and chocolate cake for desert.

Not bad considering we were pretty removed form civilization and not a single cell phone was working. No electricity, no gaming systems, no cell phones, no computers, no sounds of cars or other modern static noise that we get so used to in our everyday lives. I was in HEAVEN!

A couple more pics and then I'll get on with the adventure....

Rough place to camp at huh???

View out of the tent:

Local Scenery:

Wife in a bikini for the boys!

A calm river section just relaxing and enjoying the views (wore bandanas everywhere. I did NOT want to get sunburned and then deal with that once we got back on the bike)

My wonderful wife:

Love this lady!

Phantom Ranch is a historic ranch that settlers used for many years. Good place to get "rested" (it's bunk bed, shared living so "rest" is a loose term when your bunk mates saw logs all night) for a night before starting the 9.1 mile long, 5,000+ foot climb out of the Grand canyon we had to do the next day....

One word about Bright Angel Trail.... BRUTAL IN AUGUST!!!

P.S. Thanks to everyone who sang Happy Birthday to me on the raft before we exited! Muchos Gracias!

to be continued....

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