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So as time gets nearer to crossing country, I'm starting to envision my route going north into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and casually drifting west slowly and camping at lakes along the way until the plains where I'd pick up the pace for a day then slow down again as I leisurely make my way down into Utah.

At that time, another a-hole friend of mine who was dumb enough to buy a Super Enduro asked when I was coming west. I gave him an approximate time frame and asked if he wanted to meet somewhere. He said yes and it was decided that we'd meet north of Laramie on Monday. I couldn't leave until Sunday so you do the math. My northern route was out, and, it was looking like I-80 was in. I didn't like the sounds of it. At first.

As I thought about it more, I started to realize that this was just the route that the Super Enduro needed to do to prove it's status as 'most versatile bike'. I kept thinking about it and started looking at is as a challenge.

Yep, I have installed a totally hideous windshield. It is the same height as the one on my road bike. I can either look over the top of it or slouch and look through it. You can do 100mph on it with sunglasses and no buffeting. I have a helmet with a visor. I-80 would be the test. I was shooting for somewhere in Nebraska Sunday night to line up with meeting my bro north of Laramie on Monday.

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