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Well I finally got a moment to continue on here. These doctor visits and issues surrounding my knee have keep me busier than expected.

One of my main issues is that I have no ACL and so my knee is not as stable as a normal knee. I have been investigating knee braces as a means of avoiding a repeat of this injury and another surgery. The good news is I found something that looks promising. I wound up getting measured and fitted last week and now have a brace on order. I'll provide some details on this in a later post in case someone else is dealing with a similar issue.

Anyway, turning back to Unadilla, we first recall the surprise 3rd place finish in moto 1 while riding the IT490 of all things.

Not only did it surprise me but it surprised plenty of other guys in my class. And they let me know it in the staging area for moto 2.

You see in the 1st moto, riders were called to the gate according to sign up order. I signed up late so was called late. Showing up with an enduro bike I hardly drew any attention. OK, perhaps a snicker or two but that's about it.

However, for moto 2 they called the riders according to finishing position in moto 1. Being the 3rd guy called out I was getting plenty of attention, mostly in the form of steely stares as I rolled up with that big blue IT! And I got plenty of ribbing too.

One guy said it was very unfair how I was blinding everyone behind me with my turn signals and brake light and and that was reason he couldn't keep up . Another was poking fun at my tool bags and asked if I had my lunch back there . Yeah, these guys were quite funny.

OK, so I was teased a bit but one nice thing about being called early was that I could clearly see and size up the two riders that had beaten me. And I could choose a place on the line where I could keep my eye on them!

I also had another secret weapon to draw inspiration from that I have not discussed until now. Although I was unable to refresh my skills at an MX school, I was able to get my hands on this...

That's right. The Technique of Motocross by the great Swedish Grand Prix star Ake Jonsson. I had lost my original copy from 1974 but my wife miraculously found a copy in a Louisiana library and had it shipped in just in time for me to re-read and study before MX Rewind. And study it I did!

With Ake's advice in mind, I carefully and confidently selected a starting position with a straight line groove leading out of the gate for maximum traction.

I paid particular attention to this as I knew the period immediately after the start would be vital. How did I know? It's all right here on page 183...

Let's now turn to the photos to tell the rest of the story.

Here we are, all lined up for moto 2. Directly on my left is #77, winner of moto 1. On my right is 53 (4th place) and #7 (2nd place) on the red Maico. You can see this is all very serious business. Everyone has their eye on everyone else. And I've made up my mind that there is no way that old f'er on #77 is running away from me!

But darn if I didn't get another so-so start.

Around we go and these guys are getting away from me!

Through the 1st corner I'm back in fifth position already .

And then, from Ake's book, I remember "Do not wait to pass, do it right away!".

So I did.

The first time out of gravity cavity I've moved into 4th and right behind that crafty #7 in 3rd. But I'm not looking at him, I'm looking at #77 in 1st.

I out drag and out brake the Maico into the turn for 3rd just like Ake said to do !

And now #77 is caught up in the grooves and in my sights !

But no, #79 slows more than I expect and I run into his back wheel !

This was a big mistake on my part. Will I fall down or will I stay up ???

Can't blame Ake for this either as he warned me about this situation right here on page 191 !

Somehow I did not fall but while I am regaining my composure, #77 is hooked up and on the gas !

Not only that but crafty #7 takes advantage of my misfortune and re-passes me .

With #77 and #7 off and running I regroup in 3rd position and give chase !

By the end of lap 1 #7 is within sight again


Oh my! What's next? How will it end?

Stay tuned! More to come....
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