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Without including any pictures, I will try to describe the correct mounting. The upper cross bar goes from one pannier rack side to the other across the top of the tail and over the area that is the location for the front bolts of the stock luggage plate. This cross bar sits on top of the two side grab handles and it's tabs are welded such that they are offset vertically - in other words, if you have placed the cross bar in place correctly, the tabs are in the "lower" position and sitting literally on top of those grab handle holes. Once that is in place (don't tighten any bolts yet), use two of the shorter aluminum spacers that look like spools - be sure to orient them the right way. You will know if they are right side up if they have the "countersink" facing upward. If what you see is a straight cut top surface, flip them over. The two longer spools go onto the rear luggage plate holes, again right on top of the end points of the original grab handles. Once all four of these spools are sitting on top, place your original luggage plate on top and use the four Jesse bolts to screw everything in place. The order of assembly is as follows:
- front (closest to the back of the seat): original grab handles, jesse cross bar, short spools and then the luggage plate
- rear: original grab handles, longer spools, luggage plate

If you've assembled this correctly, your luggage plate will end up sitting approximately one inch higher than before. It may seem odd at first but what will happen is that it will end up aligning vertically with the jesse cases, making it easier (as a large flat surface) to mount large duffers across the back for example. Also, these spools are necessary given the extra "height" that the crossbar itself creates. The spools are different height due to the thickness of that crossbar (which is why the rear spools are longer).

Does this make sense?

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thanks Alon- My biggest question remaining are the rear spacers and bolts to attach the rear rack again. Are the spacers big front/ small rear or vice versa? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chip
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