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Originally Posted by Colorado Uli View Post
Anybody know if you'd still have to take that Safari tank off in order to clean/change-out the Rottie on a SE? I'm guessing yes, but didn't see it anywhere for sure. If you don't, man that would rock.

Sooooo tired of removing that tank every time the dust gets close to the beast ....
Personally, I'd pretty much count on having to remove the tank to get filter off/on CLEANLY with the OEM tank or any other aftermarket tank. There just isn't enough room to easily get your hand/arm between the tank and the filter to get to the forward fastener.... and even if you could, I'm pretty darn sure that there isn't enough room to get the filter over the velocity stacks with the tank in place. On top of that, you would be dealing with a DIRTY filter over the top of the open CLEAN side....
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