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Hyder AK

Hyder, Alaska is one of those one-road-in, one-road-out kinda towns where one of those roads just leads into the mountains and stops. The other road leads back to where you came from. Canada. This is probably why the US government doesn't even bother having a border patrol into the place. Is there anywhere else in the US like that I wonder?

There's not a whole lot to check out in Hyder (sorry Hyder!) so I headed off on that dead-end road into the mountains.

I mean what could possibly go wrong?

It's funny because if you look up the Salmon Glacier in wikipedia it has this really dry, unexciting description of the place — So after reaching the summit of a satisfying 16 mile dirt road ride into the mountains I'd write that web entry a little differently.

It would probably start with something like "One of the most shit-balls amazing things in Alaska! You'd be completely insane to not check this place out."

I can't remember the last time a landscape brought tears to my eyes. I spent 2 hours sitting in this spot. I've only just arrived and Alaska is already blowing my mind.

On the way back down I made the classic mistake of trying to ride through the massive dust storm a haul truck makes when it passes in the opposite direction.
Couldn't see a bloody thing until my front end discovered some lovely cambered shingle on the shoulder.

So I just picked it up, dusted myself off and cursed myself for not pulling over and waiting for it to pass. I knew better but still chose to do the dumb thing that's what annoyed me the most — Hi, my name is Clinton and I like to learn lessons the hard way.

We’ve temporarily suspended the beverage service for this flight due to turbulence

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