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You guys with this admit nothing thing makes me laugh....It is a traffic ticket. When I walk up and ask if I know why I stopped someone I am usually gauging on how the stop will go. If they are hauling ass, and we both know it and they look at me and say they have no idea......ok. If they are honest and say something like.....I guess I was going a bit too fast.....shows maturity and responsibility for their actions. You can always answer without giving too much away. Example

Me: Know why I stopped you
Guy: Guess I was going a bit too fast
Me: You know how fast?
Guy: Fast enough to get your attention
Me: Have a good day sir.

Another Good one......
Me: Sir why were you going so fast?
Guy: Because there is never a cop there
Me: Have a good day sir.

The list goes on.....I should be taking notes, would make a good book when I retire.
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