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Alrighty, put in the 170, runs exactly the same if not a tiny bit worse. Loosened the exhaust flange way out so most the exhaust wasn't even going into the pipe, still runs the same (just way louder).

I don't know exactly why it runs somewhat ok (actually does start to cut out at higher rpm) when you crack the throttle, but i think through the process of elimination it has to be the cdi at this point. I put the timing light back on it with an eye to erratic spark timing, ran it up to higher rpms and it does actually kinda go bonkers. The mark jumps all the way back retarded at higher RPM when it *should* be at full advance, then forwards, then disappears altogether, then goes 180 out of time.

The problem is, the only dt400 cdi i can find is $550, and is as old as what is already in the bike. So, that chinese CDI idea, is there a reason an AC powered CDI unit for a two stroke pit bike wouldnt work in the DT? I'm assuming the ignition curves would be different. A few years before and this bike was running points with no ignition advance so it can't be so bad. Just not sure if some random AC CDI box is going to jive with the electronics already on the bike or not, does anyone have any experience with them?
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