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reply for 8-9-2013 Conbrio tire losing pressure problem

Thanks so much for the reply. I wasn't able to get back to working on the bike until yesterday is the reason for my slow reply regarding my 8-9-2013 posting re tire losing pressure problem.

First off let's figure out where the tire is leaking,,,,i assume the tire is mounted /seated on the bead,,that it actually pumps up and then gradually loses air.

That is the situation- overnight it loses air.

2,, weepage around the sealing area caused by your tire getting deformed and /or hardened while experiencing severe cold in the barn Rx = get a new tire.

This appears to be the issue, poor sealing around the bead. Little bubbles at the sealing area. The bike hasn't experienced what I would call extreme cold, as it is in the garage attached to the house, and the temps rarely get below @ 30 deg F. Aside from the leaking, the tire appears to be in good shape, no cracking, deforming. It's an Avon Distanzia, 110/80 R19 59H.

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