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harcus and I rode the UTBDR section through there in late June. I told him the story of the road in Wyoming that now connects to Farson. It used to look like the swell (it traversed sagebrush, wetlands and the Green River), but when the O&G folks needed a transport road, they paved it and donated it to the state of Wyo.

I'm surprised it has taken this long but you're going to see major impact and changes. The truth lies somewhere between SUWA's position of no development or single track and the Industry position of park your car and stop heating your home if you don't like it. If we weren't exporting LNG ((NattyG)) and OIL to make money (we should stockpile our own resources, IMHO), I would support the Industry position more than I do. Unfortunately, that's not how the USofA works.....

My advice is to enjoy it as much as you can before the changes get rolling.......
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