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I knows I was wrong Officer -

I have never met an Ohio Highway Patrol-person that was anything but a professional. I try to not meet very many of them.

My last stop. Just finished 4+ hours of gravel and township road. Hot. ATGATT. Tired and 5 miles from home. I come to a 5-star intersection at a state route. I have a bad practice of stopping but not always putting my feet down. I look back over my shoulder looking for traffic, I inch forward couple of times. The road is clear and I pull up to the next stop sign - and straight ahead is the Patrol. I wait for him to pull away as he was waiting for me to pull away. I got the hint and headed home. I got about 30 feet when on come the 'party lights'.

I had all the paper work in order, helmet off (Ohio. . . ), about 10" of berm (not good) and he asks if I had come to a complete stop. To be honest, after 150 country road rolling stops - I really didn't know. Here's where I went wrong - I told him "I wasn't sure", and "I'm sorry but I am tired" and "I really try to ride safely". . .

What he was waiting for was me to pull my head out of my *ss and say- "I was wrong and I am guilty and I am sorry." As soon as I did, he said have a nice day and be safe. I guess I was tired enough that I had left my head in the wrong place too long.

My head always tells me to be polite, respect their authority. I don't think playing the jerk will ever help my dilemma.

Now, regarding the 'local yokels' - they ain't always professional in execution (pun intended!).
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