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Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
I almost tried this in my truck one time and chickened out. A TN Trooper got right on my ass, before he threw on the lights.

Lights mean you want me to stop so I might accidentally stand on the brakes. 100% braking force all at once. Be prepared to be hit, but he is supposed to be in control of his vehicle.....right? & his "lights" indicate he wants you to stop. He could mean in a safe and controlled manner, but I do not think it mentions that in drivers education, it just said you stop.

Sorry officer, you wanted me to stop........slowly? Oh, OK, I'll remember that next time.....Those lights seemed rather urgent, I assumed you wanted me to stop as soon as possible.
Pretty sure brake checking a cop wouldn't end well, no matter what one had to say in excuse of the action.

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