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Day #13 - Zion

Woke up the next morning and OH MY GOD was I jacked up. Every inch of me was hurting and super tight. I'm kind of figured this would be the case but I thought I was in better shape from a lot of surfing and dirtbike riding.

Guess not....

Even mama was hurting and she works out 5 times a week.

So we know we have a long way to go today so we try to get on it early before the heat starts kicking in again. I think we departed as the sun was coming up and we got to see a HUGE bull elk eating some grass on the way out. First time we had seen a full sized male and they were friggen huge!

Unfortunately the sun was just coming up so pictures didn't happen and I wasn't all that keen on the idea of using a flash to get the pic. Might be a bit startling for him at 5 something in the morning and getting trampled by an Elk was not on my itinerary for the day.

So off we go. Bones creaking, muscles aching and both of us on short fuses already from fatigue.

We start banging miles down the 87 trying to get to Zion. GPS is reading 400 miles so we just put our heads down and pinned it as much as possible. We had to go down that same crappy section of the 87 again so we were both LOVING the bumps, dips etc.. along the road.

Came across this "All-In-One" Shop in AZ. Need your car fixed? Need Guns or Ammo? Need to play the Lotto? Need Beer?

Judd's has it all!

Anyhoo... Banging away and we're both getting hungry so we try to find a place to eat. First place we rolled up to was closed still but they had one interesting sign out front.

To many "Choking The Chicken" comments to be made here so fill in your own witty comment!

Ended up at the Galaxy Diner which had really good food:

Our GPS made many mistakes this trip but this one was a good one! Said 400 miles to Zion and it only turned out to be 220. Woot Woot!

Got to Zion and right past the gate the scenery changed dramatically.

Our first views of Zion:

LOVE this Panoramic picture of the Zion Mountains.

Route taken from South Rim on the Grand Canyon to Zion NP: Ignore the yellow line coming from the right. I cross back through here on the way home.

Zion adventures to be continued....
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