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The negative side effect to off road users when this stuff happens, is that it puts some great riding areas onto SUWA's radar. SUWA wont be able to stop much of the big money energy companies, but it will draw them to the area, and when they see our single track trails they will switch to restricting off road use in the area so that they feel like at least they were able to do/save something.
I used to think that SUWA was mostly concerned about oil & gas and less about off road but this isn't the case. All three are equal "threats" in their eyes and the largest single reason for their greater canyonlands proposal (that I believe is likely DOA right now) is 40% closure of roads. Less on the oil and gas, too expensive to extract there as well. Potash expansion was a thread but the market just collapsed so not so much any more. I would love to support SUWA and am actually pro wilderness in some areas. But just cannot, too far off the deep end in my opinion...
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