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Hey ftb... I finally had time to fully read your review and watch your video.

In general terms, my initial feelings about the Coyote vs. the OL30 was very similar to yours. Over time, and with a bit more experimentation (or maybe just I am now used to the OL30) I do feel that the OL30 is in general a better set up.

Maybe I should have prefaced the above by saying that I used the Coyote and currently use the OL30 primarily on my Super Enduro (although I have set both up on my 400) which is a much larger motorcycle.

A couple things I would try:

1) Play with the OL30 bag location a bit. My initial placement ended up being different than I have now.

2) Try hooking the top alloy hook strap to the opposite side rack loop, so they cross each other over the top of the rear fender. This might allow you to move the bags around a bit differently.

3) For me, the strap tightening sequence made a difference in how secure the bags fit on the bike. Daisy chain, top/rear alloy hook straps made tight. Load the bags. Cinch the straps around the bags. Tighten the cam buckle over the seat.

Not saying any of this is the answer. But I know I fiddled a bunch at first. Now they go on and come off "like buttah"
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