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Thanks Chris. Saving my $$ for the LCD. I like to tinker, so it will be worth it.
I'll post up pics to show you what to set the LCD to that will show you (what we feel) the best info. We use the dual dial with the 5 squares below.
  • Dial left: Front AFR
  • Dial right: Rear AFR
  • block 1 (from left to right): fuel adjustment front
  • block 2: fuel adjustment rear
  • block 3: gear (I will show you what wire to tap to do this)
  • block 4: RPM
  • block 5: throttle position
This will allow you to see pertinent information for tuning as in at what RPM and TP are the cylinders putting out AFR wise. The only thing we would like to add is temp but if your at 13.0 plus or minus your good.
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