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All right, do get this was a "tongue in cheek" jab at the loud pipers and not really a realistic application to a perceived problem.

My take on the whole "loud pipes" is certainly slanted by my experience:
  • I ride on average about 10,000 miles per year.
  • Have been doing that for almost 20 years now.
  • That's about 4X more than the national average of 2500, which means I'm in traffic 4X more than average.
  • I've been riding quiet bikes since 1990.
So my experience would indicate I'd be more likely to expereince close calls where loud pipes would be beneficial. Yet, my instances of close calls where I feel more exhaust noise may have been beneficial in 20 years of riding is zero. In fact my instances of close calls in general is VERY low. If I do have one it is more likely MY fault it happened. I'm not bragging I am some perfect rider by any means, and I am not saying I don't make mistakes. Just saying I feel there is much more going on with the rider than the traffic, that loud pipes alone address.

But I thought it kinda funny/assinine to infer that forward facing loud pipes make more sense. I'm weird that way.
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