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99.9% sure this pic is taken within the boundary of one of the sale areas, still looking for a more detailed map, but I believe the northern part of Eagle Canyon, Coal wash etc are on that map between I-70 and the Moore cut-off some amazing canyons, cliffs and wild lands that are currently mostly open to motos on old roads etc...I grew up here, spent a large portion of my life in the Swell...Buckhorn was actually a jeep road at one point in my short life...I remember when they said nine mile would be too expensive to extract from, now that jeep road is paved... I get it, without Uranium exploration many of the places I ride and 4-wheel would be hard to get to, but I'd hate to see those "roads" improved for 18 wheeler access...Or lose access like many places in the Book Cliffs...I agree SUWA is an all or nothing entity which makes it hard them to compromise on anything, but somewhere there has to be a middle ground - leave it as is now, don't make it wilderness and dont start the bulldozers improving roads for more oil...yep I'm a native Utard, conflicted right-wing, gun loving, liberal redneck....If everyone did things my way, I'd be much happier...See you at the garage Andre
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