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The thing about going minimalist fashion is it requires basically no preparation. Strap a few things on and go. I left at the crack of dawn on Sunday.

I blasted through Chicago with no slow downs and was making good time. This shot was taken somewhere around 'who gives a fuck where it is', Iowa. It is a classic shot though because I'm resting by leaning against the front tire (the true minimalist's chair) yet a freeway sign is in the background. Usually this stance is only seen in vast regions far away from humanity.

At this juncture, the Super Enduro was starting to show it's ability on the freeways. You see, 8.5 gallons of gas at 39 miles per gallon doing 85 miles an hour = A DAMN GOOD PACE. I was only stopping every 300 miles. This is actually better time than I can make on my road bike!

I kept flying by all these guys on Harleys. Finally, at my last gas stop of the day, I pulled up near some Harley riders, jumped the curb to get under some shade and lean against my front tire. I said hello and one of them looked over and said "tell me you're going up there with that!" I honestly didn't know what he was talking about and dumbly said "up where?" He says "you didn't tell me you were going up there!!!" I looked at him trying to figure out the joke when one of his bros says "Sturgis". Ah, I get it now.

At that point I wanted to say something like "you better speed up or you'll never get there at that snail's pace you're going" but I didn't. See, I like ALL motorcycles whether they're scooters, mopeds or Harleys except Royal Enfields (Kidding but see THIS for the whole story). I make some sarcastic cracks about different bikes but I do love them all and would ride most any of them. I didn't get the feeling that this guy was being too sarcastic and I thought it was lame. After all, I wasn't making fun of them for dressing up like pirates and riding two wheeled couches up to South Dakota.

Continuing to pass Harley riders with a slightly different attitude now, I made it to Grand Island where there is a little state park right off the freeway. Perfect place to unroll my sleeping bag. I found out it's 'free camping'. All you gotta do is come in after the camp host leaves at night and be gone when she returns in the morning.

There were some Harley riders camped in the tent area. I decided not to join them and went and took an RV site instead. Got a few odd looks when I laid my sleeping pad out beside my bike on the tarmac. True minimalists don't use tents.

True minimalists also don't use stoves. They cook over an open fire. I wimped out and brought a stove because I was pretty sure I wasn't going to do too well scavenging for fire wood along I-80. No doubt, I coulda easily done with out the stove. As a minimalist, I'm embarrassed of my actions. However, here's a shot of a little dish we call "Steppe Stew" (Documented HERE).

A little Old Crow whiskey and day 1 was complete. Great push and I was satisfied that I had put 930 miles behind me. The Super Enduro had proven itself as a freeway-worthy machine.
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