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Rx for rim bead area lraking...

Originally Posted by Conbrio View Post
Thanks so much for the reply. I wasn't able to get back to working on the bike until yesterday is the reason for my slow reply regarding my 8-9-2013 posting re tire losing pressure problem.

First off let's figure out where the tire is leaking,,,,i assume the tire is mounted /seated on the bead,,that it actually pumps up and then gradually loses air.

That is the situation- overnight it loses air.

2,, weepage around the sealing area caused by your tire getting deformed and /or hardened while experiencing severe cold in the barn Rx = get a new tire.

This appears to be the issue, poor sealing around the bead. Little bubbles at the sealing area. The bike hasn't experienced what I would call extreme cold, as it is in the garage attached to the house, and the temps rarely get below @ 30 deg F. Aside from the leaking, the tire appears to be in good shape, no cracking, deforming. It's an Avon Distanzia, 110/80 R19 59H.

OK Combrio,,,,here goes,,,,

1,,,mark the valve stem and areas where the air is oozing out,,this will help ya out in the next step

2,,dismount the tire,,,,

3,,,see if ya finda correlation between the area of leakage and things like corrosion in the bead,,,,rubber nissing in th bead sealing area,,,dirt getting under/between tire and bead,,,or even a deformed bead area from errant tire iron application

4,,clean all that stuff up with scotch brite//fine sandpaper or similar

5,,we have a rubbereized bead sealer gotten at local tire supply store...ya paint it on the rim bead and also on the tire bead surface....that will usually take care of the problem

6,,in emergencies i've used a thin coating of GOOP [any version],,,,silicone,,,latex caulking when on the road,,they all work

ps holler if this worked for you
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