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Eek Why Am I Even Wading Into This?

Originally Posted by i_isntreal View Post

And high frequency sound is unidirectional? What kind of logic is that?
I think the property of low-frequency sound being referred to, is the tendancy of ULF soundwaves to transmit through solid objects rather than be reflected by them. However, that tendancy relates to ULF, outside the range of human hearing. Of course, it will definitely keep one safe from elephants and cats.

Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
the orientation of the exhaust for most of the people that are going to argue the loud pipes save lives thing (Harley riders) isn't going to matter very much as low frequencies travel omnidirectionaly
Can you really say with a solid level of confidence that "loud pipes..." proponents are going to pull out that argument, even if the question of pipe orientation was heavily debated?
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