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Originally Posted by Becktastic View Post
Does it do a good job translating? The vlogging is time consuming, but if you have a decent amount of time it can be nice that it makes you take a down day to upload and sort your stuff while it's still fresh as opposed to returning home with 8000 photos and 70 hours of video to slog through. I hope I can keep up on it heading South. I'm going to wire my top box to charge my laptop as I ride so power won't be as big an issue, though I've heard good internet can be hard to find. I will probably have to do fewer episodes further apart, or make them as I go but then upload a bunch when I get a good internet connection. We'll see!

Oh and I have a My Passport external hard drive to store photos and video on so they don't bog my computer too badly.
Hi Becky,
It does pretty good translating your voices. About 95% of it which is enough for me to understand. For example, when you are saying riding, it would say writing but the sentence was enough for me to guess you meant to say riding. You should try seeing it for yourself sometime. And try seeing other video where it can be real bad at guessing what a person is saying. Maybe because you speak better or it liked your accent better? haha

And is it 1TB MyPassport storage device?

Sorry to hear about your engine failure but don't let it get in the way of your trip! I am certainly there will be someone who will help you. When I had coolant problem twice in Oregon last year, dealer in Lakeview let me use their tools and shop to fix my problem then later someone fixed it for me and gave me coolant and water to take with me. I am sure you will have similar luck I had in Oregon.
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