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No more Chilegringo.
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My 2010 990R now has close to 80,000kms on it. Admittedly I did have the top end refreshed and new rings put in at 50K after it swallowed something nasty in Bolivia. I had some immobilser issues (solved) and had to replace a dodgy TPS but no biggie. Other than that it is remarkably reliable given the treatment it gets here in Chile

Point is, the 990ADV is the last big RACE DIRTBIKE made for the road. Given its replacement and other alternatives out there right now, makes it a keeper like you say. I will just keep on top of mine and run it forever

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A local shop (here in Perth, Australia) has a 08 KTM 990 on the floor for months (not sure if it ever sold). I bought a new 11 KTM 990 with the expectation that i would keep it to the bitter end so have no expectation on resale. I just enjoy the bike. I guess that is the attitude you need to have with 'exotic' machinery.
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