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Posted this in another thread. Hope for more answers here.

Im becoming comfortable enough with my bike now to begin considering taking my camera. (As this is my part time gig.) But I'd rather not have to deal with a backpack, unless I absolutely have to.
I was thinking about going with a pelican on a luggage rack. This leaving room on the side to maybe add a gas tank or saddle bags in the future.
My question about the Pelican case and luggage rack is two parts really.
1. What rack and Pelican?
2. Can the padding inside a Pelican case absorb enough of the bouncing and vibrations associated with riding offroad and protect my gear?

I know the suspension on these bikes make this smoother for the rider, but how much does the rack and case bounce around?
I'd be looking to haul around a full body DSLR, 1 maybe 2 lenses, and some other small stuff.
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