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AK > YT > Dawson

Clinton's first law of the Yukon: there's always someone with a bigger tyre problem than you

After having to pick my bike up after stupidly dumping it on the way back from the Salmon Glacier I was kinda interested to see how much it weighed with all this crap on it. There was only one way to find out.

768 Lbs. That's over a third of a ton on two wheels. Bloody hell, if i'm to travel around the world one day I'm going to have to shed some serious weight. I love this bike but it's just so damn heavy.

As luck would have it Dust to Dawson was going on at the same time I happened to be in the neighbourhood. For a split naive second I thought I should perhaps toss my name into the hat for the "furthest ridden" . I had to chuckle to myself when I quickly realized that my 6000 miles from NJ doesn't even put you in the running for this event. There were several from Florida and the prize was eventually won by an Australian who rode up from Argentina. Beaten by an Australian! oh the shame! :)
Oh well at least we kiwis still demolish them where it counts. Rugby.

I used to go to a lot of vintage scooter rallies over the years and was pleased to see this event had the same flavours of goofing off — just with more grey hair and heavier hardware thats all. Really super cool bunch of people who would do anything for you. Chief amongst them was Dick who graciously lent me his garage floor so I could perform the first oil change of the trip and fit the TKC 80s I'd hauled all this way.

The next day I wandered into the Downtown Hotel which just happens to make the perfect pick me up: A "sourtoe cocktail".
It's pretty easy to make really —Just mix one part Yukon Jack with a real human toe and you're done!

"You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow—but your lips must touch the toe!"

It was just what I needed because tomorrow I was going to meet my potential nemesis…
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