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Originally Posted by Katoom72 View Post

No other MFG sells a big ass comfortable dirtbike like the adventure, it's one of a kind.

On the mileage matter, people are fearsome of every bike with high mileage. Not only of KTM's.
And they are scared because they don't know any better. Allot of people think 50k is like the end of a bikes enginelife.
They also resort to the dealership for every little fart so they are scared if it is not called Honda or BMW. Because they believe those 2 brands are synonyms for reliability.

The branding of KTM is still in the unreliable category.
Too true about the resorting to dealership thing,as the years go by less and less people get exposed to fixing their own stuff at home at an early age.
I talk to kids with dirtbikes who take them to a dealer for oil changes and other basics,they have no clue,their dad never showed them a thing about wrenches. So a bike with miles on it may need maintenance sooner,that means 90.00 an hour at the dealer.

And then many people run a bike out till its ready for a bunch of maintenance,that costs money so time to sell.

The new "full race" tuned 4 stroke dirtbikes are death on the marketplace,short lived when new and more so when used. One false move by a novice mechanic can destroy them in a heartbeat.

I simply cant imagine trusting or using a local dealer to work on my bikes,the stories Ive heard are enough for me.
Im dam lucky my dad started early showing me the wrench business.

(Ive had 14 KTM's since 1978,none have broke,only basic maintenance)
Some bikes around at times
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