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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
The quick n dirty/ simplest solution is to :

1,,first let's do a simple quick check to find out just where it is leaking,,,just lift bike on center stand,, air up tbhe tire circa 40 psi then with some soapy water/ windex apply to rim-tire interface,,,,the area around valve stem,,,,,around each nipple especially the nipple-spoke interface as well as the nipple -rim interface,,,,MARK the leaking spots

2,,, holler with your results and I'll recommend solution

3,,,the simpler no brainer Rx is to t OSS in a tube,,,,,till we sort it out
Holler n y

Leak was at the spoke next to the air valve. Took the tire off and the sealant wrap and tape had also come off and was balled up in the tire. The "caulking" on that spoke was in fact cracked and that's why it was leaking.

Put a tube in until end of next month when I can send you the rim for repair.

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