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misc tubeless tire sealing observations

Originally Posted by BigDave75 View Post
Leak was at the spoke next to the air valve. Took the tire off and the sealant wrap and tape had also come off and was balled up in the tire. The "caulking" on that spoke was in fact cracked and that's why it was leaking.

Put a tube in until end of next month when I can send you the rim for repair.

hi Dave,,,,when i see the wheel,,,i'll know what era that wheel was done in,,,and by whom it was done by.

FYI,,i have done several hundred of these over the years,,,,with many versions of sealants and protecting tapes....the protecting tape was meant to provide an extra measure of protection against errant tire irons,,,i've learned that even when we use our touchless tire mounting machinery,,,great care and much lube needs to be used when mounting and dismounting,,otherwise the machine will just squeeze the tape and separate it leading it to eventually ball up due to wheel rotation just looks ugly,,,,OBTW i recently noticed the correlation between a few wheels with messed up packing tape,,if the tape was applied in the same direction as tire
rotation it stayed in place,,,,if the end of tape got dislodged it would start flinging out and unwind itsrlf into a little ball

once again great care,cleanliness and patience in performing the sealing technique are paramount to ensure long term success. When performed that way success is enhanced.

Amazingly ,i get wheels in here for tire changes that were done 25 years ago with circa 100,000+/- miles on em,,,as the testimonials constantly appear in these posts.

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