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Valve Lash after Top End Clean Up

I tried asking this in the Garage forum and got nothing.....

So I'm in the process of putting my 950 back together. I took the top end and jugs off to fix a leaking base gasket. While the heads were off, I decided to clean up the valves and seats using some valve grinding compound. Upon reassembly, I double checked the valve lash was reasonable with the shims that I had in the motor before tear down. A short run up to verify that everything worked and then one more check of the valve lash. Two of the exhausts had significant increases in the lash measurement. According to my log, the last measured gap was .254mm, but now one is .406mm and .356mm.
All of the parts in the valve train went back into their original position, nothing got mixed up.

Now, I'm not surprised to see a change in the lash after doing the work that I did. But I figured the lash would decrease since I removed carbon as well as a little material from the valve and seat faces. Am I worrying about nothing? Can anyone explain the change?
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