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Been meaning to share the story for a little while, just been waiting for the latest "loud pipes" thread.

GF and I spent a long weekend this summer visiting her dad in Santa Fe. I had never been, absolutely loved it, awesome place.

Now, I've been to plenty of places in this country, and I've seen a lot of things. But until New Mexico, one thing I *hadn't* seen-- or more accurately, heard-- was just the insane prevalence of loud pipes. We're talking pure, open pipes of bone-rattling volume.

I admit, some of the annoyance was a result of our choice to drive a rental Mustang convertible. No protection from loud pipes there.

But guess what? There's no protection from loud pipes anywhere. Side streets, parking lots, outdoor shopping, restaurant patios... didn't matter where, you couldn't escape the sound.

One day we went walking through Pecos National Park, we're MILES from the highway, and even that far, the loud pipes would reverb off the walls of the mountains.

And I'm not talking normal motorcycle volume here, I'm talking, "Sorry Mr. Park Ranger, you need to please stop talking about the pueblo for thirty seconds while that biker throttles through the pass."

Again: Miles. Away.

Now, in my neck of the woods, loud pipes are pretty rare (especially on cruisers-- yeah, we get the sportbikers jetting up and down 395 all night long). I don't recall any bikers I know getting tickets for them around here, but I'm guessing they must, or else they'd be more commonplace. So, in general, my attitude towards them has been pretty blase-- they're not everywhere, so an occasional one doesn't annoy me so much as amuse me.

But that trip to New Mexico changed my mind, big time. Discovering that there are *plenty* of riders out there who *really do* run these abominations casually and just don't give a damn was an eye-opener.
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