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bike was fine after i ditched the extra filter and cleaned the one in the tank
i headed up to Luaka as i was on my way north to Mpulungu , i spent half a day in Lusaka trying to find a tyre , Kal tyre ,if anyone needs a new tyre , its a Kenda and was about $60

safety first here in Africa

selling charcoal , these stalls all over the place

i went to Subway to get a feed and camed back and noticed my kill switch was all limp and did not work , , thete were a bunch of guys standing about , one offered to push me as the ignition still worked , so 2 guys push started me for a fee of course and 1 tried to steal my tyre ,nice guys
so i got back to the backpackers and started to pull the hippo down , they had tried to yank some wiring and smashed my kill switch , i managed to trace it with my trusty little test light and it was broken in the kill switch start button loom , whil i had it apart mt exhaust had been leaking at the join next to ythe airbox , the heat melted a hole in my airbox , do out with the prattly putty , all fixed except i needed to find a starter button , no luck, so it was a coin to bridge the fucked switch hanging off the bars
i then headed north and turned off towards Democratic republic of Congo
nice campground in the middle of nowhere

friendly staff

I have a Safari tank ,so better head in to the Safari Bar

I went in the 25 km to the place where doctor Livingstone died ,I presume

these guys ride on some rough ole tracks on a Bajaj Bicycle

i even visited a palace , pretty modest if i must say so

Hello Mista , how are you

DRC in the background

Lakes like oceans

glad i didn't pitch my tent here

Had my own AK47 equipped guard while at the bank

making bricks

selling slate , these guys were making gravel from rocks by hand with hammers , now that is hard work

they live in shacks but have phones in the boonies

spot of fishing

kids being kids

the local bus

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