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This road was sort of following the border of Democratic Republic of Congo, and was full of people walking and small villages for moer than 1000 km , i got a sore arm from waving
I stayed at a little village called Kaputa , fuel $3 per litre , room $7
not much choice on the menu , but friendly smiles

fill up by the 5 litre

marsh land all around , again the DRC in the far distance

its the burning season

i ended up in a little village called Sumbu on the edge of the Sumbu national Park , i bumped into a guy Called Vic who runs a resort in the game park , he gave me some pointers i snuck past the entrance to the park as they don't allow bikes , Vic said the lions should leave you alone , just watch out for the elephants

Vics directions said , you go for about 15 km then the track runs out ,then go down the little track to the river

little track was steep , steep and rocky , it was about 2 kph ,slipping and sliding down this nightmare of a hill , looking over my shoulder for these lions ,

did i mention steep and rocky

the track kept splitting and i had to do a little tracker work finding the fresh tracks

i finally made it to the bottom , there was no way i was getting back up that track , unless it was on a Gas Gas
then came the river

these guys loaded me up on a leaky old wooden boat for the crossing $10

boat was empty at the start

see the croc over there he says

done deal , they were all smiles
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