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Originally Posted by Head2Wind View Post
Personally, I'd pretty much count on having to remove the tank to get filter off/on CLEANLY with the OEM tank or any other aftermarket tank. There just isn't enough room to easily get your hand/arm between the tank and the filter to get to the forward fastener.... and even if you could, I'm pretty darn sure that there isn't enough room to get the filter over the velocity stacks with the tank in place. On top of that, you would be dealing with a DIRTY filter over the top of the open CLEAN side....
You'd be wrong. There is plenty of room to get both the pre-filter off and the main filter in and out. Once it covered in dust the "wetness" of the oil is mostly gone so it is not that messy. Nothing a single paper towel can't handle. You have to remove the glove box and trim (obviously and then there is a TON of room in there. As mentioned just have to make triple sure the filter is cliped over the lip on the left side.
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