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will work for tires
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CPR Filter access w/ pics

Well, I held a response till now until I had a chance to verify my thoughts.

I am at home today being a good Bro-in-law fixing motor mounts on a 2003 Civic. YeeHa. Wish I was working on the beast instead.

I am waiting on parts @ O'Reilly's so I fiddled.

FWIW, this is meant as no disrespect or jab... just personal experience. I have a ton of respect for H2W, purchase & own his products, and have reached out numerous times to him for tech support with great results. I also get the concerns of removing a dirty filter/filter rim over open throttle bodies... so I appreciate his words of CAUTION! This is info for the collective, esp. those on the fence regarding benefits & downfalls of mods.

The Steed:
2007 950SE: sickeningly not very stock any more

Mods affecting airbox area:
Safari Valdeze tank
Desmog (of course w/ this filter setup)
CPR filter, xrings, and updated baseplate
Oiled Filter skins (I misspoke earlier & called them a prefilter. The foam prefilter for the CPR setup is for you ADV folk. Skins for us SE folk)
CJ Designs trimmed intake horns
I even have my fuzeblock mounted in front of the filter assembly, on the splash guard behind the ECU. It works great... I keep my underseat storage for spare parts, fuel line & fittings, tool kit, etc.

This took all of 4 minutes taking pics. No cleaning done, just removal & replacement. All done w/ my big gorilla hands & forearms!

I'd say it's doable. I havent yet "trashed" the filter in the muck and dirt, but I love it so far. It's done a great job of filtering so far, but I'll keep watching carefully.

I'm sure if this would be attempted w/ stock height intake horns, it would be more difficult, but stock height wont work w/ the domed filter.

As has been said multiple times, double-triple-quadruple check the left (clutch side) bottomw lip of the filter to make sure it captures the baseplate correctly. I use a headlamp to light the crucial areas to make sure it's in place. Then use your God-given thumbs and fingers to gently squeeze the filter and baseplate tab together. Use no tools! It should not be hard. On my first fitment, I had to help it in place more. Now that it's been on the bike a while, I falls right in place.

What say you?
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