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I agree with what others are saying about high mileage bikes in general scaring people off. But I will say KTM as a brand does have a bit of a stigma, which I have been guilty of worrying about.

When I was bike shopping recently I saw a couple of nicer looking 640 aventures and had friends say "Not as an only bike" and there was talks of counter sprocket shafts, oil this, bearings that. Of course, BMW has the same thing, bearings on the F800, final drive on the 1200.

I had my sites set on getting myself a used F800GS recently, and found a very good looking bike for a good price but walked because it had 75k kms, and shortly thereafter I was presented with a 990 ADV with 18k kms and around $1500 less. I now own a 990 ADV, even though I previously had, and all my riding buddies have, BMWs.
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I only buy used with records and my opinion is when I buy used if it is has some decent mileage it has been ridden and taken care of I also always go to where the bike is so I can see the shop and the living conditions
Show up and the guy has a nice personal collection and a nice work area and
all has some type of order than all is good.
I like low mileage also but 6500 miles a year is low mileage.
I think this is one of the main things - the "most reliable" bike out there will still let you down if it's not maintained. My BMW X Challenge is supposed to be ridiculously rock solid - but the amateur hour custom electric bits that were added on made it turn from Jekyll to Hyde in the rain.
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