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An interesting factoid for me occurred a couple of weeks ago while driving my car. I was behind two morons with straight pipes for about 5 minutes until I decided their annoying me was not to be tolerated and I would be damned if I was gonna pull over and wait for them to get into the next time zone so I wouldn't have to hear them.

Instead, I blasted by them at high speed in a fairly risky pass in a potentially dangerous spot, but I got in front of them and didn't have to listen to them anymore.

Now, considering I am usually a pretty cautious driver but was willing to endanger all three of us (more them, to tell the truth) to get away from their noise, it got me to wondering just how much safer they made themselves with their loud pipes.

And, yes, I realize my driving was not acceptable and I was wrong. That is not my point. My point is, I believe many other people may do equally or more dangerous things as a result of this crap. And I wonder how that factors into the moronic debate.
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